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Mom’s Money Matters - Finding Purpose

Every Sunday, I write my son an email. This was written to him on January 2, 2022.

Dear Anak,

Today is January 2. May you have a great 2022 ahead of you!

While I was isolating from Covid, I came upon an audible book called Finding Your Purpose by Christine Whelan. I thought the beginning of the year is a good time to think about one’s life’s purpose. She had an anecdote about 3 workers who were essentially doing the same thing- which was laying bricks. When asked what each was doing, one answered- “laying bricks” the second one said “I’m putting up a wall” and the third one said “I’m building a cathedral.” See, all of them were laying bricks but they had different mindset of what they were trying to accomplish. One had a job, the next one had a career and the last one had purpose.

One can find purpose in life regardless of how simple or complex one’s job is. The important thing is that you find meaning and purpose in what you choose to do. My wish for you someday is that you find your purpose. Sadly not everyone will find theirs. I hope that you do.

Happy new year!



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