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Mom’s Money Matters- Finding Life Balance

Dear Anak,

So as you know, I watched Rocket Man last week. I really like Taron Egerton as an actor, I think he is really good. And he can sing! Anyway, as I told you, Elton John’s story was really sad for most of his life. He achieved all the things, and did what he loved. His spot in rock and roll history as one of the greats is secure. What I didn’t know which I guess I wasn’t really paying attention, was how much emotional pain he was in all his life. The movie depicts that his father didn’t love him at all, his mom was disappointed and embarrassed by his drug use. Most of all the people around him just used him. But the most constant presence in his life was his cowriter Bernie - his best friend. He didn’t find happiness until the very end when he finally got cleaned up from drugs and had a family of his own. 

Anyway, this is mom’s money matters, so let’s tie it all in. I have always mentioned in the past to find your passion, do what you love. In Elton John’s case, he did just that, found success at an early age, and yet had a very unhappy life until just recently. Money is not everything of course, we know that. 

I guess the more important pursuit would be that of life balance. 

Brendon Burchard, who is a high performance coach has a whole life assessment questionnaire to evaluate areas in life that might need work or improvement. 









Mental and emotional. 

You score yourself from 1-10 and find out where you might need work on. 

Ok - A lot of them may not be not applicable to you yet - but in the future! 

Health. I regularly take care of myself so that I can feel my best. I want my overall physical and emotional health to be primed and optimize to make me feel energetic and strong each day. I strive to eat well, sleep well and work out so that I have the physical vibrancy and stamina to enjoy life and deal with challenges and opportunities.

Love. I feel a consistently deep, trusting, Appreciative, soulful, loving connection with my significant other. I am patient respectful and attentive to my partners needs. 

Family. I am present with my family I am creating deep connection fun and positive energy with the family members that I keep in contact with.

Friend. My immediate social circle of friends brings connection fun and positive energy into my life.

Mission. I feel clear, energized and fulfilled by my work and contributions to the world. I believe my work or this effort adds real value and it’s a true reflection of my best efforts and contributions.

Hobby. I have a passionate past time that allows me to express enjoy or develop myself outside of my job or career.

Spirit. I feel connected to the present moment and vitaly alive in my spirit.

Finances. I am being responsible and how I spend my money I am saving money for my future. I’m learning the skills necessary to develop my ability to earn even more.

Mental/emotional. I keep a positive outlook and attitude. I am cultivating a sense of joy and peace in my life so I can experience positive emotions and relationships. I take care of myself by being mindful to the energy, focus and emotions I really want to experience and generate in life. 

We won’t necessarily score a 10 all the time. But working on having a good sense of all of these will hopefully guide you through life. That’s all for moms money matters! 



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