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Updated: Jan 8, 2022 I start the year 2022 leaving my primary care physician role of 14 years to focus on obesity medicine. I will be serving as medical director of adult obesity medicine at my local hospital system and I am excited about it! I certified as obesity medicine specialist in 2020, but my interest in helping my patients reach goal weights for disease management and prevention started way back. I am thankful for this chance to "pivot" to serve my patients from a place of genuine passion and purpose.

In this blog I will be posting helpful tips to help my readers achieve their health goals. Stay tuned!

Aside from a career pivot, at this point in my life I am also exploring other entrepreneurial endeavor. My husband and I have started investing in short term rental (STR) properties. We love to travel, and we found a natural propensity in STR investments, providing a beautiful place for our guests to stay in, as they enjoy a destination. I will use this space to post about our real estate journey so others can learn from our missteps, trials and successes as they come.

As personal blogs go, this will be a catch-all of my thoughts and aspirations as a physician, entrepreneur, wife and mother to a teenage boy.

Happy new year! Join me in my pivoting journey!

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