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The Pivot Within: A Personal Account of Life Coaching's Influence on my Journey - Part 2

After the Leverage and Growth summit, I immediately felt energized. For the first time in a long time I could see a way out of burnout without leaving medicine. That I had options. It could be in clinical medicine or something else altogether. There were doctors creating startups, serial entrepreneurs/tech-preneurs, bestselling authors, real estate investors, etc. I was shown that the possibilities were endless. Could it be possible for me?

It turns out, I was only limited by my belief that I had no choice.

That summer, I took the Zero to Freedom Real Estate the course ( It was not just teaching you the nuts and bolts of investing in real estate, but also to develop a certain investor mindset. Within the course are coaching sessions. This is where I heard of Sunny Smith of Empowering Women Physicians, ( for the first time. I learned that when you have a strong reason why you want to accomplish something, when you truly want something, your mind will open up to find a way, no matter the obstacles. I also learned that while fear will always be there, it can just can come along for the ride, but you don't let it drive.

Our brain is motivated to survive - by staying comfortable, avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. Outside of these motivation, your primitive brain will automatically dismiss anything that might bring discomfort. if status quo is your objective then absolutely avoid discomfort. But to grow, to get out of a situation you no longer thrive in -- you have to be willing to risk, to overcome the fear, and to be uncomfortable.

In my pursuit to change my status quo of a burned out physician, I was ready to get uncomfortable. My vehicle is investing in real estate. The first obstacle was:

I did not have the money.

Or so I thought. Enter my money coach, Bonnie Koo, MD of I figured, to find the money for investing, I had to learn about money. I did not know how to handle money apart from paying the bills, staying out of debt. At least I knew that part. While within Dr. Koo's program I learned about investing in stocks, IRA, real estate syndications, the true value was uncovering my scarcity mindset. She challenged my old beliefs that I have to work hard for money. That I have to always trade time for money. As employed doctors we get paid an hourly rate. So with a salaried physician that number is almost finite. You can of course work harder to see more patients to achieve a certain productivity incentive. Again, you're still sacrificing MORE time for work instead of actually living, spending time with family or other meaningful endeavors. In her book Wealth for Women, she debunks the myth that money is complicated in the first chapter. It is easy, and you already have the very tool to get it. Your mindset. Of course, it was not easy to believe it. It takes practice to shed beliefs you have had for years. Anyway, through weekly coaching, I began to believe what could be possible for me, even as a family medicine physician. And at the time, while my circumstance have not changed yet, (I was still an employed physician and making the same money as I had before the program) by changing my scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, I began to see possibilities. It turns out we do have money and resource to start our short term rental gig.

In that first year we invested in two cash-flowing rental properties. As well as real estate syndications and other investment vehicles. When you open up your mind to what's possible, to echo what I have said above...

...the possibilities could be endless.


Part 3 coming soon..!

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