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Fear Stays in the Backseat

Dear Anak,

MMM is back! Except it’s now MLMM. Mom’s Life and Money Matters!

I miss writing these emails to you. I guess life just gets in the way sometimes. I hope to do better!

I wanted to talk today about taking chances. In life, at school, at work, or with money. 

There is a phrase that I heard from one of the physician coaches that I follow and have been impactful in my own transformation. 

Her name is Sunny Smith. She was not even coaching me, I was on a zoom call with other investing physicians. This was 3 years ago, when we were just thinking about investing in real estate. I forgot now the whole story of the caller - but we all can relate to being afraid to jump into something new. And she said something like - fear or being afraid is ok. Fear can come along for the ride, but it doesn’t get to drive, it stays in the backseat. Fear does’t get to drive, it stays in the backseat. And that phrase just always stayed with me, with whatever I am dealing with, that I don’t know the answer to, or maybe it’s risky or outside my comfort zone. Making an informed decision, yes it’s ok to be afraid but do it anyway. Fast forward - as you know, we bought properties and while it was scary at the time. We now have a cash flowing business. Fast forward, dad left his job, and again it was scary to leave a stable job. And for a time he worried that he wouldn’t be able to find a steady contract. But as we know - he goes away for 1 week at a time and we love having dad home more than he did before. 

Also fast forward - I am now a life coach too! So along with that, is the fear again of moving forward. It is totally new and different from what I’ve always known to do. But guess what? Fear can come along for the ride and it gets to stay in the backseat. Im excited to see where this ride is going! 

What are the things you want to do but are afraid because of reasons x,y,z? Do it anyway, fear can just stay in the backseat. 




It does not mean going over the speed limit when driving an actual car, OK?? 😜😜

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