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Mom’s Money Matters- Entry 1/16/2022

Dear Anak,

This is a continuation of my last email regarding finding your purpose. As I was saying, I’ve been listening to this Audible lecture by Christine Whelan. She states that oftentimes, we overestimate the future and underestimate how much time there really is left in our lifetime.

This has really resonated with me. Especially now with the Covid pandemic, just how uncertain the future is. It also got me thinking about how short a time dad and I have until you leave home for college and start to live your life on your own.. 😭.

So, this is an exercise that Christine Whelan described in her lecture. We can do it as a family. Answer these questions now, and then, like in a movie, fast forward it 5, 10, 20 and 30 years from now. And see what the answers you can come up with.

1. What is your life now?

2. How old are you?

3. Who is in your family?

4. How old are they?

5. Where do you live?

6. What is it like there?

7. What do you do with your time?

Find a quiet time to really think about these questions. And picture yourself there, in your future.. make your imagination run wild! There is no right or wrong answer of course! But be purposeful in your reflection.

The purpose of the exercise is to give yourself some clarity of what you might want for your future. I would suggest for you, since you’re only 15, look into the short term of 5 and 10 years. You will be 20 and 25, respectively.

Remember that we overestimate the future, thinking that we have more time. Make every moment count for something that you truly care about.



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